Shorra | About

I'm known on the web as "Shorra", my real name is Debra Mason and I'm a digital artist in Toronto, Canada. 

My work has been featured in Photoshop Creative and Advanced Photoshop magazines, my tutorials published and I've been interviewed by several digital art web sites.  I started out learning about Photoshop by creating Photomanipulations, or "chops" as they're often called, and you'll see lots of those here, almost all of them created for Photoshop contests.  

These days I've left "chopping" behind in favour of my new passion, creating illustrations. 


I'm very involved in a fabulous website called Dagger Bay.  It's a place where artists from all over the world compete in friendly contests. We have great tutorials, outstanding galleries and offer a one-on-one Mentoring Program for beginners.  We have photographers, painters, photomanipulators, writers, 3D artists and even contest for comic strips.  We're still under construction but adding new stuff all the time so please come on over, check us out and register to join the fun!

I'm available for commissions so please contact me if there's anything you'd like me to create for you.

Thanks for visiting!