I'm known on the web as "Shorra", my real name is Debra Mason and I'm a digital artist working out of Toronto, Canada.

My work has been featured in Photoshop Creative and Advanced Photoshop magazines, my tutorials published and I've been interviewed by several digital art web sites. You can read more about my achievements in the News! section of this site.


was very involved for several years in an amazing site called Worth1000 that was known to many artists and had over three quarters of a million members.  It was a place where digital artists from all over the world would compete in friendly daily contests.  We had great tutorials, outstanding galleries and offered  a one-on-one Mentoring Program for beginners.  Unfortunately it was taken over by a crowd sourcing conglomerate and decimated, so a bunch of us ex-Worth1000 members came together to create a new site with the same spirit.  It's called Dagger Bay. We're still under construction but we're hoping for an exciting future!

I'm available for commissions so please contact me if there's anything you'd like me to create for you.

Thanks for visiting!